After Months Of Dating She Found THIS Out

Created and produced by Annie Georgia Greenberg. Co-produced by Isabel Cafaro. Edited by Amanda Madden. Shot by Owen Levelle.
This is an incredible story told by an incredible storyteller. I don't want to give too much away in case you haven't done what this article tells you to do, which is to click on the videos above and below and watch them. Let's let Rachel, a celebrity nail artist, tell her story herself. Let's hear from her what it was like to start falling for a guy she met online. Let's allow her to explain how their relationship became more and more serious — how they connected romantically and physically.  I want Rachel to be the one to tell you how her date first met her co-workers — how she was thinking he could be "the one." Then, I want you to pay attention to the shocking lie that changed everything. So much so, that not only did Rachel and the guy break up; he also ended up suing her — on Judge Judy.  Tune in for the rest of this wild tale below, immerse yourself in the world of Cupidity for more stories of real-life, and tell us in the comments: What the hell would you do?