Quiz: One Direction Lyric Or Hallmark Sentiment?

Oh na na, what's going on with pop music writing these days? Where have all the real words gone? Instead of pop with substance, we have pop with "rum-pum-pum-pums." And, when there is substance, it's clouded with lofty ideals packaged as art(pop). No shade, but there are but a few artists really nailing the whole songwriting thing — and even then their words are either inarticulate or passable as an emo away message.
Luckily, an industry-created band of five has an album coming out that's rumored to revive the art of pop song writing. Early reviews of One Direction's Four have praised the boys for maturing. But, what are they growing away from? Hallmark-like lyrics, that's what.
To prove that point, we've dug through Hallmark's collection of sentiments and 1D's discography for bits of prose that could go either way because they've all got that one thing. And, that one thing is saccharine words. Some might be signed, sealed, delivered while others are belted by Mr. Harry Styles & co. See for yourself!
This is just, like, the best quiz, ever.

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