See The Olympics’ Most Vogue-Worthy Dudes Take On Karlie Kloss


Dwayne Wade, Basketball; Photo: Courtesy of Vogue

Karlie Kloss stands six feet tall with a wiry, sinewy build, and comes with a formidable athletic history of her own ("You name it, I've played it!")… but what do you get when you pit one of fashion's strongest models against a variety of sports' strongest athletes? Some physics-defying photos, that's what.
Shot by Annie Leibovitz, six Olympics competitors share their personal athletic epiphanies (most of which include their moms — all together, now: aww!) alongside Kloss, who shows off spring's most high-impact trends. And don't worry about the ladies — Vogue did another shoot celebrating the female athletes we so admire, as well, so check it out here. (Vogue)

Jonathan Horton, Gymnastics; Photo: Courtesy of Vogue


Photo: Courtesy of Vogue

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