Runway Report: Ohne Titel

You know it's a serious fashion show when the front row is jammed with elite-chic eds and faces like Cecila Dean and Jefferson Hack. Naturally, the girls from Ohne Titel didn't reveal any jitters—the new collection was confident and body-conscious, using layers of underpinnings, linings, and textures. With the idea of following muscle lines, parts of the collection looked like plates of geometrically printed, softly knit armor in celedon greens, vapor grays, and crisp whites. One of the best uses of Swarovski crystals goes to the embroidery on sheer tricot leggings. Backstage, the Ohne Titel girls said, "Because we are women, we design with a particular viewpoint when dealing with a body-conscious collection." This invariably accounts for a collection that is super-tight minus the tart.