Objects of Devotion: Religious Accessories from Ebay

The number of sales this summer drove everyone a little crazy. Even the most chaste of fashion hunters have found themselves doing things for money that they'd never do under traditional "30% off" circumstances. Lifting couch cushions is one thing, but stealing a McDonalds cup of change from the homeless man on Broadway just to stock up on Repettos? For shame! For all you sinners out there, these holy trinkets offer you a stylish way here is a way to harvest your chi, raise your karma, and maybe even redeem yourself.

Pictured, clockwise from top left:
You'll change your Catholic Grandmother's mind about sale splurging when she sees the deal you scored with this lot of vintage charms.
Gold looks great on anyone, whether you're Jewish or not. Besides, which would you rather be, a VIP or one of the "chosen people"?
Strong and simple, this handsome enamel Virgin Mary pendent-and-ring set is certainly stylish. How you wear it determines if it's sacrilegious.
Gaudy, perhaps, but this gold and rhinestone Virgin Mary ring offers cheek and possible salvation to the wearer.
Not pictured:
These ox bone skull-carved beads may be just what you ward away fellow bargain hunters encroaching on your territory.
For some heavy duty soul cleansing, this Santeria bracelet is about as subtle as its colors.
With Madonna's on the road, these cross necklaces will complete your Material Girl outfit.
This Buddhist Wheel of Life pendant reminds us that what goes around, comes around, and what we don't buy today, could be gone tomorrow.
Image, September cover of Pop magazine.

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