Nail Polish We Can Believe In? The Obama Campaign Courts The Beauty Vote

Catchy slogans and memorable graphic designs are key aspects of any political campaign. You probably remember phrases like "Tippecanoe and Tyler too" and "I Like Ike" from elementary school history classes, and things like Shepard Fairey's iconic "Hope" image and of course, "Change We Can Believe In," from more recent memory.
And, as the election gears begin to grind this year, the Obama campaign is again trying to inspire the youth vote in a way that goes beyond the same old buttons, lapel pins, and posters. In fact, we recently heard that the POTUS has teamed up with cosmetics company Le Métier De Beauté to create a set of three mini nail polishes — in patriotic red, white, and blue, of course — plus a simple black carrying case, all emblazoned with the horizon symbol from 2008.
While various outlets have been quick to jump on the fact that these cost a cool $10,000 to produce, we have to point out that this kind of cash is actually chump change when it comes to election spending, and the sets are being sold for $40 a pop, recouping the expenses in a pretty neat way. And we have to say, with spring and summer being home to a few of our country's most patriotic holidays, we're kind of liking the idea of sporting some flag-inspired nail art this season.
Then again, the lacquers are also obviously an attempt to cull the female vote, and while we definitely want women to be expressing their opinions this election season — especially with women's rights being such a hot issue, of late — using nail polish to do so can seem kind of, well, belittling, instead of empowering. So, what we're saying is: We're torn. But, we're very curious to see how well these babies sell, and also curious to know if we'll spot the First Lady wearing these shades sometime soon. (Beauty High)
Now, you tell us. Are you into the Obama campaign's lacquer set, or is political polish not your shade of patriotism?

Photo: Via Beauty High