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Obama Bingo! A Night of Music, Games, Political Action, and Pasta

We've never made a secret of our political affiliations. Journalistic neutrality is so "Old Media." That's why we have no compunction about telling you about the blast we had at Obama Bingo, a small, private spaghetti party that snowballed into a full-out campaign contribution rager featuring intimate performances by Grizzly Bear, Nico Muhly, Marissa Nadler, and Beirut.
Above, left to right: Ed Droste of Grizzly Bear, video director Patrick Daughters.
obama1021cLeft to right: Zach Condon and Perrin Cloutier of Beirut.
Organized by Refinery29 street seen star Roanne Adams, Su Barber, Gemma Ingalls, Glynnis McDaris, and our own Style Director, Piera Gelardi, the event, which began with a rousing political introduction by Hilary Clinton for President Campaign Chairman Howard Wolfson, took place among the potted plants and library of the The Horticultural Society of New York. Attendees Pamela Love, Anna Sheffield, Steven Alan, Samantha and Patrick Pleet, Skye Parrot, Patrick Daughters, Cindy Green of Libertine, Gordon Hull of Surface to Air, Wendy Mullin of Built by Wendy, and over a hundred others sat like kindergarteners in front of the musicians, scrambled to fill out their cards during the bingo rounds MCed by a very enthusiastic Rich Awn, or munched on pasta and other treats from Frank's Caters and Looking Glass Catering.
Bingo prizes included gift certificates to Steven Alan, Built by Wendy, Freeman's Sporting Club, and Opening Ceremony, as well as T-shirts by Beard and Bangs, jewelry by Melissa Joy Manning and Unearthen, and vinyl albums by Mexican Summer. After sets by Beirut, Grizzly Bear, the composer Nico Muhly, and the fresh-faced Marissa Nadler, Ben Hout took out his guitar for a final round of original political folk songs and spread-the-love singalongs. But the real treat of the evening was the $15,000 raised for the Barack Obama campaign. It was a good night for a great cause. To join in and donate go to this event's page at www.barackobama.com.
obama1021dLeft to right: Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear, Chad McPhail, Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear.
obama1021eLeft to right: Ed Droste and Dan Rossen of Grizzly Bear.
obama1021fLeft to right: Organizers Su Barber, Gemma Ingalls, Piera Gelardi, Glynnis McDaris, and Roanne Adams.
obama1021gLeft to right: Zach Condon, Johnny Wahba and Roanne Adams.
obama1021iLeft to right: Skye Parrot co-founder Dossier Magazine and Photographer, Pamela Love, Samantha and Patrick Pleet.
obama1021hLeft to right: Nico Muhley and Alex Sopp.
obama1021jLeft to right: Steven Alan and Refinery29 Creative Director Philippe von Borries.
obama1021lLeft to Right: Roanne Adams and Piera Gelardi.