WTF: Dianna Agron Wears 20 Lbs Of Bronzer On Nylon Cover

We're really into Quinn Fabray's Dianna Agron's style to begin with, and her Edie Sedgwick look-alike shoot for
holds no exception— but what's with all that bronzer? She's like, Chanel chic, and seems like one of the more laid-back Gleeks, despite her character's current spell of baby insanity, so we're thinking the Jersey Shore glow was more of a makeup decision than a request from Agron herself. With printed tights, pops of colors on mod dresses, and eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes, Agron's pristine beauty becomes even more timeless with the stylized throwback. Except we're pretty sure Edie didn't have access to a spray tan booth. Equally unbelievable, however, is Agron asking "what is sexy?" in reference to a direction on her look pre-Glee casting. C'mon girl, in addition to that sassy glare you're giving us here, we've seen you with Puck. You definitely know what you're doing. (Celebitchy)


Photo: Via Nylon

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