Inside The One-Bedroom NYC Apartment Of This R29 Staffer

Last summer, I moved away from my twin sister and my best friend, and after seven years of dating (five years long distance), my high school boyfriend and I moved in together. We rented a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan, got a king sized bed, and started living like true adults.
After a slow move-in process (seriously, it took about three months until we were fully moved in), our place was set. I took some time during 5 Days of Adulting to decorate the space: hanging up artwork, organizing the kitchen cabinets, arranging furniture, and more.
Here are a few things we did to make the space feel homey and comfortable:
1) My mom is an artist, so she made us some paintings that we hung up in the hallway and living room.
2) We put a TON of our favorite photos around the apartment.
3) We embraced other people's hand-me-downs (his parents moved recently so they gave us their old living room couch, and my family lent us a coffee table).
So, after many requests on YouTube and Instagram, I'm finally taking you on a tour of our first New York City place! Enjoy!

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