Introducing Normdecor: Basic, Simple, But Totally Worth It

Normcore is a buzzy fashion word that basically touts the antithesis of style as the good stuff. It's the non-trend trend born out of an exhaustion brought on by everyone trying to have their moment in any number of garish, cool-for-five-minutes pieces. The result? Dad jeans, blah sweatshirts, and sensible shoes for all.
In the home-decorating world, normcore translates into pieces that, upon first impression, appear boring, staid, and just plain unsexy. Guess what? That's the point. They are the work-with-everything, you'll-have-it-forever type of pieces. In an effort to have to rebuy as little as possible in the future (you know home goods don't come cheap), normdecor is actually the way to go. You can decorate around it for decades.
To help this un-trend get the respect it deserves, we've culled a few pieces you should consider investing in, now. But, use sparingly — too much normdecor might be the same thing as baddecor.

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