The Anti-Instagram: New App Attempts To “Normalize” Your iPhone Snaps

We’re right there with the rest of this tech-obsessed city — waking up and instantly perusing the mega-popular photo app Instagram (it’s on par with our morning cuppa Joe). And while we can appreciate an artsy snap, we’re always second guessing just how much of the work is credited to the actual phone photog. Flawless selfies, rundown yet seemingly mysterious architecture — is it all a facade? There’s a new app called Normalize that believes so, and is attempting to correct that ... literally.
Normalize is a new endeavor with an innovative approach to making images crisp, colorful, and like they “are supposed” to look. Unlike Instagram, Normalize doesn't use dreamy hazes and offers a detail-centric glimpse at images. While it sounds great in theory, it seems like a headache to screenshot our friends’ stream and upload just to see how they look sans Valencia. What do you think? Could this new app give Insta a run for its money? (Mashable)

Photo: Via Mashable