We Washed Our Teeth With Norma Kamali’s Tooth Soap

There are certain parts of my beauty regimen that are so routine, I don't even really think about them. My two-step hair custom (roll out of bed, spritz on salt spray, finito) is one of them; my weekly brush cleansing is another (I do it while watching Freaks and Geeks). And, brushing my teeth every morning and almost every night is the last. The latter is a habit we were all forced to master once our first tooth came, and we haven't really given it much thought since.
But, when I had a recent interview with fashion designer Norma Kamali, she told me she didn't use toothpaste. "Okay," I asked. "But, then how do you care for your teeth?" Kamali went on to tell me that conventional toothpastes have a ton of added sugar in them, so she did some research and came across Tooth Soap. The brand doesn't add any sugars to its cleansing soap, making it a lot more user-friendly than a typical toothpaste.
Of course, I was instantly intrigued. I'm typically one to believe that natural, organic products aren't exactly as effective as their chemical counterparts. But, for some reason, I was kind of dying to give this tooth soap a shot. So, I decided to take the product out for a test-drive, effectively shaking up my twice-daily teeth ritual for the first time in 24 years. Click on to see if I survived. (Spoiler: I did.)