My Style: Nina Persson

The Cardigans front-woman proves she's got solo style chops with a new side project and a Swede-chic point of view. By Christene Barberich
Swedish songstress Nina Persson is probably better known for her dreamy, distinct lead-vocals for the band The Cardigans, but she's also the proud front-gal for A Camp her artsy-cool side project for which she has a new album "Colonia." Her A Camp tour kicked off in the U.S. last night at none other than Bowery Ballroom, and since we've long been curious about this Scandinavian stunner's style roots, we decided to check in with her about her current fashion set list, on and off the stage.
How would you describe your personal style?
"I'm trying to be crazy, but my style probably almost always remains pretty classical. More retro than super-trendy. And never any colors, I use a grayscale, rust, nude, silver and gold."
What five pieces define your everyday style?
"Acne jeans, boots, a good coat, a roomy bag—you need that in NYC!—and a scarf."
Is there an item in your closet you cherish the most?
"My great coat from G.V.G.V. [bought at] Opening Ceremony."
Who are your favorite designers or labels of late?
"Acne, Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui, and Mandate of Heaven."
Your just kicking off your U.S. tour for your new A Camp album. Do you tend to shop a lot when you're on the road?
"Yes, I'm always drawn to that, but I have to try to be careful; you can only drag so much shit around on tour..."
Shifting to A Camp, does your style remain the same or do you find yourself individuating a bit from your Cardigans look?
"These things always happen automatically. Even between the Cardigans albums, we have organically changed our styles. When we made a bearded album, we all suddenly wore cords and had long hair, and when we made a '60s-inspired record, we had haircuts, turtlenecks, and I wore little A-line dresses."
Where do you live? What cities inspire you?
"I live in NYC, and it's really inspiring to me. But I also really get a kick from Paris and Africa."
Any favorite places to shop?
"Isabel Marant and flea markets in Paris, Opening Ceremony, and Mayle, which just closed, unfortunately, in NYC, Topshop in London, and a lot of sites online!"
You recently joined up with your old friend Sarah Sophie Flicker in the Citizens Band. How was it playing dress-up every night?
"It was really amazing! Part of any performance is to get into costume and makeup while getting high on expectations together with your fellow bandmembers. And with the CB, it was always slightly chaotic, so you never really knew how you were gonna end up looking each night..."
Any style icons?
"Marianne Faithful, Faye Dunaway in "Network," and Joan Wasser, who always looks outrageously good."
Anything you're dying to buy right now that you don't have fashion-wise?
"Good hairpieces that will help make bad hair-days on tour easier."
The Cardigans front-woman proves she's got solo style chops with a new side project and a Swede-chic point of view.

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