3 Fun Beauty Looks That Are Oh-So-Perfect For A Night Out

Picture this: You’re getting ready for a Friday night out with your BFFs — outfit is laid out (that multicoloured faux-fur coat you just splurged on last week is on point, BTW), accessories are chosen — and you sit at your vanity, only to get totally hung up on what the heck to do with your makeup. A simple red lip comes to mind, but you don’t give in to those #basic thoughts, because girl, you know deep down that it’s time to try something new.
Which is why we did just that and created three looks that are anything but ordinary. The best part? Each and every one mixes and matches different Revlon textures and hues (think: a matte lip paired with a holographic cheek and a two-toned lipstick look created using two complementary shades). So whether you’re a beauty beginner and want to stick to something on the subtler side or your beauty alter ego for the night is glam AF, these looks are meant to inspire, innovate, and get you way out of your comfort zone.
*All prices are listed in CAD.
Sure, the ombré trend may have come and gone for hair colour, but it’s just getting started when it comes to lipstick. “This is a fun take on the classic red lip that’s both easy to do and unique for a night out,” says makeup artist Sabrina Rinaldi. Once your foundation and base makeup are a go, use an angled brush to apply your darkest hue — in this case, Revlon's brand new Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in Show Stopper — on just the outer edges of your lips. “The angled brush gives you ultra-precise application so you can define your Cupid’s bow and get crisp lines sans a lipliner,” says Rinaldi. Next, swipe a pink shade (or any bright hue, for that matter) on the center of your lips. “Then slightly blend the shades, but be careful not to rub or smoosh your lips together,” Rinaldi suggests. To really hero your lips, keep the rest of your look simple with just a few swipes of mascara and a cherry-red nail polish.
If your usual go-to look is very minimal or no-makeup-makeup-esque — and you’re still giving the side eye to bright hues — try an allover holographic highlighter look instead. “Using different tints of highlighter, like greens or blues, works well because the formula can only be seen in certain lighting and the pigment is way more subtle,” says Rinaldi.
To create the airy, ethereal look, start with a solid base of foundation, making sure not to forget your upper eyelids. “Creamy foundation formulas can act as a makeshift primer if you’re in a pinch — plus, they give the pigment something to stick to,” says Rinaldi. Next, using the Revlon PhotoReady Galaxy Dream Highlighter Palette, sweep on the ice-blue hue over your cheekbones — blending from the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your temples. As for the green and pink shades (one of our favourite combos, TBH)? Use an eyeshadow brush to pack on the green hue all over your upper eyelids, stopping just past your creases, and the pink hue on the inner corners of your eyes and along your browbones. To contrast the shine, finish your look off with a swipe or two of a beige matte lipstick, a few coats of volumizing mascara, and holographic nail polish.
TBQH, whoever said you can’t mix silver and gold — with jewelry and, in this case, makeup — was gravely mistaken. The proof: This ultra-glamorous look (that’s giving us major '80s vibes) just, well, works.
To create the lewk, start with your base makeup (as always) and then shift over to your eyes. Apply an ultra-black kajal liner along your upper and lower lashlines, smoking them out with a smudge-brush (read: it doesn’t have to be perfect). Next, blend together a gradation of gray hues on your upper eyelids — starting with a pearly-white shade on your inner corners, a silver tone in the middle, and a darker gunmetal on the outer corners. “Create a wing-like shape with the last — and darkest — colour to create an elongating effect,” says Rinaldi. To really amp up the vintage vibes, use a gold shade just below your browbones. And as for your lips? A contrasting, matte red-orange lipstick (we used Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick in So Lit). Finish the glam look with mascara, brushed-up brows, and silver, glittery nail polish.

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