What Do You Think About Nicole Kidman As Grace Kelly?

There have been so many comparisons made between the delicate looks of Nicole Kidman and those of the late Grace Kelly over the years that we barely raised an eyebrow when we heard that the Australian ginger had been cast as the lead in Grace of Monaco, the forthcoming film chronicling the Hitchcock blonde's entrée into the European political scene after marrying into royalty. Actually, the casting was so easy and automatic, that we plum forgot about it.
Well, today, it all came back to us with this image of Kidman dolled up as Princess Grace. Our first reaction was that Kidman looks elegant, beautiful, ethereal — all good adjectives to bring up you're talking an actress portraying one of the most gorgeous women ever captured by celluloid.
But, then, we started thinking: Is Kidman too done up here? Isn't it going to make a difference that she's far taller and lankier than Kelly ever was? What about the fact that, for all her agelessness, Kidman is almost a decade and a half older than the new princess was during the period of the film? Does this semi-alien picture really resemble the woman who once epitomized the all-American beauty? Couldn't they just have gotten ScarJo or someone else for this? Are we being too picky? We just don't know.
Tell us what you think along with any alternate casting suggestions in the comments. (Ace Showbiz)
UPDATE: The image of Nicole Kidman has been removed at the request of Who Magazine.
nicolekidmangracekellyPhoto: Via Life Magazine.

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