The Best S.F. Apps To Maximize Your 2015 Goals

We’ve downed Champagne, stolen midnight kisses, danced our asses off, and had the hangover of the century. Now, it's time to really get started on those New Year goals. But, if you've gotten off to a slow start, don't worry — you still have a chance.
It’s 2015, after all, and there are technologies, apps, and services out there to help us stay on track. Gone are the days when cheesy workout videos were the only way to lose those last 10 pounds, and saving money meant shoving singles into a porcelain piggy bank.
With these apps, you’ll be able to get fit, stretch your mind, organize your digital life, cook more healthily, save more money, discover new things in your city, and maybe even stop drunk-texting your ex. And, just to get really meta, there’s even an app to help you stay on top of your resolutions. Let’s do this.