3 New Menswear Lines Even Girls Wanna Wear

It's tradeshow season, and you know what that means: a fresh crop of exciting new menswear lines that will have girlfriends worldwide green with envy. Obviously, New York is the place to be for this biannual feast of gentlemanly garb, and the town's been teeming with top-notch artisans specializing in everything the modern man could need, from brass business-card cases to bright backpacks. Because we know you deserve only the best, this season we've been on the lookout for up-and-coming and brand-new design talents to keep you on the cutting edge—yes, dudes, we even left the comfort of our A/C for you. And gals, forget stealing from your boyfriend, you'll dig these duds so hard, you'll be sneaking out in drag to buy your own. Check out our picks for a run-down of the future of dapper dressing, courtesy of these three hot local brands.
Click here for three menswear lines even girls will want to wear!

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