Popcorn Please! 5 New, Editor-Approved Flicks (Plus, A Sweet Giveaway)

Air conditioning and jumbo-sized candy — two hard-to-beat reasons why we love going to the movies in the summer. Of course, the weather is (mostly) nice, and we should be outside, but catching a hot-summer flick is certainly a high point in our much-needed downtime. Thankfully, July is in no short supply of big-screen entertainment. We asked our own editors to spill on the movies they can't wait to see. Warning: You will laugh, you may cry, and goodness knows, you can't help but step up dance.

The Dark Night Rises

"One of the best things about summer are the epic, larger-than-life superhero movies that come out. My favorite thing to do is watch them with my brother, and I can't wait for the final (and possibly best) installment of The Dark Knight! With Christian Bale and Christopher Nolan at the helm, it should be a good one. Seven days 'til we finally find out what becomes of our dear Gotham...."
-Lisa Dionisio, production editor


The Queen of Versailles

"This doc is just Bravo on steroids. The flick follows a billionaire couple as they build the largest home in America, inspired by Versailles. (Really!) But when the economy tanks, even these guys aren't safe from financial woes. As you can imagine, their fall from grace is even more mesmerizing than their lavish decor. With eight kids and a bunch of pets (including peacocks, chinchillas, and more), it's hard to look away from this train wreck."
-Sarah St. Lifer, West Coast editorial assistant


"Director Michael Winterbottom's new movie, Trishna, is the first headlining role for one of my favorite actresses, Freida Pinto. It's based on Thomas Hardy's Tess of the d'Urbervilles, but set in modern-day India. It's not going to be a walk in the park, but it looks gorgeous and thought-provoking (and the score sounds haunting). I'll def need some alone time after this one."
-Kristian Laliberte, senior editor


"Strong is a documentary about Cheryl Haworth, a top Olympic weight lifter who attempts to remain at the top of her game, but it's just as much a movie about a how a woman's strength — mentally, physically, and emotionally — is met with resistance. Says Cheryl, 'There's no such thing in this culture as being big and strong and completely and totally accepted as one no matter how much you could kick everyone's ass.'"
-Connie Wang, global editor

Step Up Revolution

"I mean, who doesn't like a dance movie? I know there has been about a million of these, but, god knows, I loved the latest installment of Fast & Furious last summer, so I think it is safe to say I'm going to enjoy this high-octane dance drama based in MIA."
-Willow Lindley, fashion and beauty assistant

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