I Tried A New Age Beauty Routine For A Month — & Things Got Weird

Photographed by Rachel Cabitt.
Living in New York City does weird things to a person. I keep a "special" crystal by my bed that I won't let anyone touch. I ask dates their sign and proceed to analyze our compatibility. I get genuinely excited when someone pulls out tarot cards after dessert.
And yet, I also think it's all a little absurd — particularly the rise of crystal-infused, spiritually-minded, energetically-formulated beauty products. But you can't judge a balancing nail polish until you bang out 150 emails with it on, so for a month, I put myself on a New Age beauty routine full of gemstone skin care, feng shui fragrance, and crazy-expensive coconut oil.
Ahead, every product used in my attempt to finally find inner peace (but mostly outer beauty, TBH).

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