Decor Dare: Doing Neutral On Neutral (Without Boring Yourself To Death)

neutralembedPhoto: Courtesy of Hilary Robertson.
We applaud bright, bold color moves, but at the end of a long, too-stimulating day, we often just want to escape all the visual noise. This neutral living room designed by stylist Hilary Robertson is just the thing for some serenity. Typically the beige color family calls up the most soulless of spaces (we're looking at you, dentist's waiting room), but the wide range of shades here manage to look dynamic.
The symmetry also lends a very calming order to the room. Everything's in balance — from the couch centered between two windows to the side tables facing each other from opposite sides. But, subtle twists, like the larger square pillow paired with a smaller round one, avoid looking too matchy-matchy. In any other room the pale-pink sofa would get lost, but here? It's the main attraction and, we might add, the perfect place to perch with a cappuccino and iPad in hand. So, today's dare? Go find your decorating moment of Zen.

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