Is Nature-Inspired ASMR What’s Missing From Your Nighttime Routine?

Few of the sounds we associate with the interiors of our homes — radiator groans, the exhale of an overheated laptop, relentless thuds ringing down from graceless upstairs neighbors — elicit an overwhelming sense of calm. So when it comes to sonic sleep aids, the occasional ASMR video can work wonders — both in drowning out your weeping heat system and in rendering you unconscious (on purpose). That’s why we went ahead and partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond to create some ASMR content of our own. 
This particular short video focuses in on sounds found in nature — we’re talking raindrops falling, footsteps against moss, breeze rustling — all while a sultry narrator walks you through an outdoor journey across forests and into open fields. We won’t spoil the ending of the expedition detailed throughout — but it’s worth the trip. 
Watch the video above, and see if you’re not half asleep by the end. 

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