You've Never Tried A Sheet Mask Like This Before

My favorite way to unwind? Watching American Horror Story after work with a face mask on. I usually reach for sheet masks, because time and time again, I'm fooled into thinking they're easy. Then, as the sheet slips down onto my neck, I remember that I always seem to spend more effort adjusting the placement and scooping up the slimy residue than basking in the treatment. Then, I found the fix: the dry sheet mask.

These dry-to-the-touch masks come courtesy of Nannette de Gaspe — and they're chic AF. The delivery system is a bit non-traditional: Designed to be worn on your hands, mouth, eyes, face, and neck, the magic happens after you place the thick, nude fabric on your face (hook it around your ears and it won't move) and gently massage it to activate and release the plumping, hydrating treatment inside. After 15 minutes, remove it to reveal brighter, softer skin that isn't at all slimy.

But don't toss it when you're done! You can fold it back up and reuse it up to three times, which kind of makes the $140+ price tag worth it. That, and the ridiculously gorgeous packaging it comes in. Hello, holiday wish list.
Photo: Courtesy of Selfridges.

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