Brand-New NYC Apartments For $914 A Month? Keep Reading!

Life in NYC comes with a whole lotta perks (24-hour anything delivery, bottomless Sunday brunches, all the best museums...shall we continue?). But, there are a couple of (minuscule, barely worth mentioning) downsides as well — namely, the price of square-footage. The truth is, having our own space in the city is a luxury most of us can't afford.
Wanting to prove that he's aware of our debacle, Mayor Bloomberg created the My Micro NY competition, which accepted "proposals for a rental building composed primarily, or completely, of micro-units." The winners were announced Tuesday, and Brooklyn-based nARCHITECTS took top prize for its industrious design plan for the 250 to 370-square-foot apartments. We've shown you innovative living spaces before, but, heads up, these small homes take shoebox living to the next level (literally).
The 10-story high-rise will be located in Kip's Bay, at 335 East 27th Street, and will be the first in Manhattan to be built using modular construction, meaning apartments that are pre-assembled, then crane-lifted on top of one another like building blocks.
The silver lining? Aside from making us feel like we're futuristic space-dwellers, these units will be AFFORDABLE. That's right: Rent starts at $914 for those of us making up to $38,344 a year, to $1,873 for those who make up to $77,190 a year. Finding a one-bedroom or a studio in lower Manhattan for those prices usually includes your firstborn, second born, and probably your dog, too. That's okay, though — they wouldn't fit anyway. (NYTimes)

Photo: Via New York Times

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