This 424-Square Foot Apartment Fits 8 Rooms (!!!)

Petite. Tiny. Minuscule. The list of synonyms for small is ironically huge, and so, it seems, is the amount of little (there's another one!) apartments in NYC that make big use of limited space. Well, here's another crafty pad, and it's quite unlike any other we've seen. Say hello to founder Graham Hill, who went all Matrix on us, enlisting design firm Life Edited to transform what was basically a Soho shit box into a storage-heavy, multi-functional dwelling.
We're talking a total of 424-square-feet that — no kidding — turns into eight functional "rooms" via a series of futuristic-type mechanics including sliding walls, hidden bunk beds, and a stove in a drawer. It's certainly a practical solution to maximize the minimal, but, as you can discover in the video below, the various transformations seem like they would be tougher to achieve not in fast forward. Then, there's the complete spareness — sure, it's cool to look at, but all those clinical white walls could start to feel like an upscale doctor's office (plus, that carpet is also the very definition of cumbersome). We admire Hill's extreme streamlining, but clearly he hasn't met a fashion editor. It looks like that freezer could barely fit two mini Moets — and where are we supposed to store our shoes? (Gizmodo)

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