Must. Buy. Now. "I Frickin' Love You" Pants And Boxers!

We frickin' love these pants. Thanks to Bonobos, we now have the perfect V-Day present to get for our dudes. Racked posted these "I Frickin' Love You" pants this A.M., and our obsession just won't quit. As we told you before, Bonobos may be the sexiest bottoms know to man, especially as they make guy's, uh, bottoms look seksi. Starting tomorrow, you can buy a pair of the "I Frickin' Love You!" pants here ($120) and get a free pair of the Bonobos "I Frickin' Love You!" boxers. That's a $20 value that's frickin' swe-et.
Click through to peep the cutest boxers you've ever seen...

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