Muppet Takes Manhattan: An Underdog’s Guide To NYC

Recognize this adorable King Charles spaniel? We wouldn't be surprised. You've probably spotted Muppet, the fun-loving puppy-mill rescue, living in the shadows on the Instagram account of her more famous sibling (the coolest girl in New York City), @ToastMeetsWorld.
While Muppet, the other child of comedian @TheFatJewish, mainly plays a supporting role in the lives of her seriously-hilarious family members, she's recently garnered popularity and recognition of her own, through the amusing-yet-spiteful social media account @MuppetsRevenge. Self-described as "the Jan Brady of dogs," Muppet shares the trials and tribulations of being the lesser-known sibling to a superstar celeb; in other words, she feels your pain, Patricia Bündchen.
Muppet may not have her face on a tote bag, 250K+ Instagram followers, or a Karen Walker campaign, but she does have a #DGAF attitude that has earned her a badass rep among the puppy set. And, while she might not be trademarking her name anytime soon, we wouldn’t be surprised if next week she pops up at one of T-Swift's famed house parties.
Wonder what it's really like to be New York's latest "It" girl? Underdogs rejoice: Muppet gives us the low-down on where she likes to eat, drink, and get business done around the city. Look out, Toast: This little lady may just steal your canine crown.

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