How To Cut Your Workout In Half

Multitasking isn’t just a way to get things done, it’s a way of life. Every new beauty craze is a one-and-done product, and we can't sit through a whole TV show without checking Instagram or shooting off a few emails. Hey, what can we say? We're children of the digital age. It's no surprise that we want our fitness routines to work double-duty, too.
So, we tapped Kelvin Gary, trainer and owner of the New York-based studio Body Space Fitness, to come up with three exercises that challenge different muscle groups at the same time. Even better, all the moves count as strength training and cardio — meaning you're free to skip the treadmill session (a definite win in our book).
Fitness addict and stylist Lindsey Calla of Saucy Glossie is no stranger to doubling down on her workouts. “Your body is a machine with so many parts that work together, so why train them separately?” she says. Who better to demonstrate each move for us? And, since temps are starting to drop, she shows off how to maximize the fitness routine in fall-appropriate adidas gear that wicks away sweat while keeping you warm. With this workout, you'll be ready to multitask your next to-dos in no time.

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