8 Amazing Things You Can Do With A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

We love having a spotless apartment, but what we love even more is a good shortcut — a be-all and end-all that takes the mopping, scrubbing and washing out of the equation.
Since its inception at the turn of the millennia, Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser has been a godsend for people who want immaculate results with the least amount of effort and time possible (read: us). These white pieces of foam are called "magic" for a reason: The most unsightly bits of our homes — from grease spots on the kitchen counter to those horrible splotches around bathtub drains — swiftly vanishes with a bit of light buffing.
Convinced that this handy tool possesses more mystery powers we need to unlock ASAP, we've consulted Becca Napelbaum — cleaning expert at Handy, an on-demand home services app — to spill the most unexpected eraser uses in her rulebook. Let's just say that your mugs, tennis shoes and suede clothing will be very grateful for a certain Mr. Clean in your life.

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