This Couple Makes Moving In Together Look SO Easy

You basically spend all your time together anyway, and rents are steep — we get it. At some point in many relationships, moving in together becomes a very real consideration. Our mothers — and, you know, The New York Times — have been dwelling on the risks for years, but recent research on the science behind cohabitation is changing the conversation to be about maturity and certainty.
So, looking past the honeymoon stage of the relationship, what does it actually take to make things work when you and your beau find yourselves knee-deep in cable bills, dirty laundry, and three-day-old dishes? We decided to conduct our own case study to put things in perspective. The subjects: NYC jewelry designer Paula Mendoza and financial journalist James Allen. Like many couples, they began long distance, but unlike many, they were separated by an ocean. After a year of flying back and forth (and draining their bank accounts), Allen made the big move across the pond to be with Mendoza in Manhattan. Sweet? Definitely. But, that was just the beginning.
From deciding which apartment to live in (small walk-up or luxury building with a tricked out garage?) to discovering each other's daily rituals (he has afternoon tea at 3 p.m. sharp and she has a skin-care regimen that incorporates the trio of Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide™ products), read on to see how this formerly long-distance couple became much much closer.

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