Summer Style Essentials With SPF 50–And They're Cute!

Some designers create clothes that cover your body, but there are those motivated souls who design clothing to protect your body, too. Mott 50 designer Anne Botica (she's a Chicagoan, y'all), did just that, with her clothing line Mott 50. Think of Mott 50 as the most stylish body armor you've ever seen. Each piece is designed to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays the same way your SPF 50 cream would. Before you go thinking we're about to swaddle you in a floor-length muumuu, think again. These designs are fun and beach-perfect, meaning don't even think of heading out on vacation without them. You'll need your trusty sunscreen, too (of course), but these tops, dresses, and tunics will make staying sun-protected on the beach a lot cuter. Plus, wearing new, clever clothing sounds like a lot more fun than hiding under the beach umbrella all day...if you ask us.

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