Guess What Little Girls Want To Grow Up To Be, These Days?

Becoming the next Rachel Zoe might not be one of the top things little girls wish for, but according to LinkedIn, it is getting pretty close. The job-based social network recently released a study about the most aspirational occupations for children, and while little girls still want to become singers and vets, thanks to the rising popularity of fashion jobs, the next generation of women might dream of styling before taking the mic.
The occupation spread between boys and girls is still incredibly gendered, with little girls hoping to become nurturing or fame-oriented roles, like teachers, healthcare providers (nurse, doctor, EMT), singers, or writers (hey kids, it can happen!), while boys dream of being more active or science/math-based jobs, like athletes, pilots, scientists, lawyers, and astronauts.
And, while the fashion world likes to consider its members part of a hallowed few, over 500,000 people on LinkedIn consider themselves fashion stylists or designers (although to be fair, 14 people on LinkedIn consider themselves mermaids — which goes to show, listing it on your LinkedIn profile doesn't make it so). This means that a career in fashion is the 12th most popular job on LinkedIn, making it a real, live "dream" job. (Hey, we could have told you that.)
Yet, it's not the salary that makes LinkedIn members dream big. The number-one characteristic that people cited as important in an adult dream job is "doing something you love," followed by "helping people," and then money. So, there is hope for us yet.

Photo: Courtesy of LinkedIn/Maloney & Fox

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