Lucie Fink Shares Her Morning Routine

I find other people's morning routines endlessly fascinating — not only are they unique to each person, but they can serve as inspiration for my own early a.m. habits. As a YouTube personality, I've been asked a lot by my audience about what my morning routine entails. How easy is it for me to wake up before work? What do I typically make for breakfast? Do I have a specific makeup regimen?
I have a couple of go-to morning habits (starting off the day with some natural light, splashing my face with cold water the moment I get out of bed, etc.), but not every single morning is the same for me. If I have some extra time, I try to upgrade my usual quick breakfast and make something robust. Sometimes, I'll even set up a yoga mat in my living room and do a quick sun salutation. But on other (read: most) days, I'm pretty rushed and barely have time to put on my pants.
Check out my video to see how my usual mornings go, and let me know what your a.m. routine entails.

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