More Lady-Like Licks From Abigail Lorick’s Latest

Designer Abigail Lorick's fall 2009 collection proved good manners can still be exceedingly cool. Donning clever hairpieces consisting of simple squares of varying shades of tulle (brilliant), models made the rounds of the stripped-down loft-space to the atmospheric sounds of a solo accordionist. The simplified setting seemed just right, too, for viewing the Gossip Girl-approved designer's latest exploration of lady-like wares. Once again, Lorick delivered a lot of torso-flattering dresses rooted in '50s silhouettes, this time in a subdued palette of gray, black, and slate blue. But the Mad Men-ish look had more structure and attitude than prior seasons, as the designer introduced a few new tricks we liked, including drop-waist boyfriend trousers with draped-seam closures and colorful swipes of India in the form of bright red sari fabrics used as scarfs and other unexpected accents.