MOCA's Jeffrey Deitch Gives A Tour Of His Hollywood Hills Mansion

From the party room with its "super Tudor pop environment" and flashing florescent fountain entitled "Golden Shower" by Tim Noble and Sue Webster, to the original Warhols and Aaron Young's Jesus painting in the master bedroom (because "you should have a picture of Jesus above your bed") Jeffrey Deitch's new L.A. pad is already iconic gallery in its own right. Since his appointment as Director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art earlier this year, the New Yorker made the trek from East to West with infinite style. While taking NOWNESS.COM on a tour of his new home in Los Feliz—which was previously owned by Cary Grant—Deitch positively beams over his impressive new digs. And while we certainly enjoyed Deitch's diatribe on the Warholian interplay between celebrity, art, life, and culture, it was hard to focus on the curator's assessment of the art world with that all that gorgeous house-porn to drool over. (NOWNESS)

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