10 Dual-Purpose Mirrors That Will Transform Your Small Space

Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.
Big city living oftentimes translates to accepting the lesser of two evils when it comes to affordability and aesthetic. Unless you were born blessed by the real estate gods (and if so, let's talk), it's usually a choice between the place with pocket-emptying rent OR the cramped shoebox with only half a ray of sunlight. Just because we live in a cramped dark shoebox, doesn't mean we should give up on achieving our dream aesthetic.
One trick to help open up a small space is a combination of optical illusion sorcery and space-saving craftsmanship: the mirror. Mirrors not only hold the power to brighten up a room and provide additional depth to a wall, but they also present an opportunity for additional storage possibilities with built-in shelving units and hangers. Ahead we rounded up ten of these magical multipurpose goods that will make any apartment look like that out-of-budget dream place in no time.

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