How To Master Minimalist Dressing, The Everlane Way

The thought of having to put aside our arsenal of prints is enough to bring tears to our eyes. But, we can’t ignore the recent surge in pared-down attire. The minimalism trend that dominated this summer isn't going anywhere any time soon. And, with a new season looming, it may just be time to put aside the pineapple prints in favor of more back-to-basics dressing.
To tackle that, we're looking to one S.F. brand that has tonal essentials down to a science: Everlane. The brand's streamlined aesthetic, retail transparency, and striking pieces are turning heads in both the tech and fashion space. So, we ventured to its Mission HQ to get the scoop on how its employees infuse this ethos into their own lives (and, of course, their closets). Take a tour of the ridiculously cool lofty office and meet six folks who are, without a doubt, masters of minimalism.