We Tried It: The 24-Karat Gold Manicure

goldPhoto: Courtesy of Mine Luxury Nail Lacquer.
I don't know about you, but I'm happy to splurge on a beauty product or treatment from time to time. (Yeah...I had a slight blowout obsession when I was applying for jobs in college.) So, when I came across Mine, a brand-new luxury nail-polish line, and its 24K Gold Lacquer, I was more than a little curious. After all, this polish is real-deal, 24-karat gold — and it's got the $500 price tag to prove it.
Obviously, my interest was piqued, and I couldn't get the stuff on my fingers fast enough. Because, really, how many people can claim they've worn real gold on their nails?
First off, there's not a lot of polish in these bottles — I'd say enough for a couple of manicures, tops. But, again, there's gold in these parts. And, there's more...er, less. The directions claim just one coat of the lacquer, followed by the brand's topcoat, is all you need for full coverage. This wasn't enough for me, and it left my nails streaky. True, I'm no pro when it comes to technique, but I expected a tad more from a lacquer that costs half of my rent. I was later told that I had to shake the bottle for an entire minute before painting to mix up the minerals, which likely lead to the streakiness.
Sounds like I hated it, right? Not so. I must say, the color was incredibly dope once I got a second coat on. I walked around for the rest of the day feeling like Rihanna with my stunner shades manicure. But, seeing as I'd gotten a similar look from some of my favorite drugstore brands, I'm more apt to spend my money on a great pair of shoes.
Ultimately, though, $500 for a nail polish seems pretty excessive. Luxury beauty is one thing, but I'd like to put my dollars toward something that I'm not going to gnaw off during a particularly stressful week. That said, true lacquer loyalists may want to put this on their wish list. And, I am interested in trying the brand's other mineral shades — it offers pewter, silver, white gold, and more. Perhaps these hues may satisfy my not-always-so-spendy taste a bit better. But, you tell us: Would you shell out this much money for a solid-gold mani?
Mine 24K Gold Nail Lacquer, $500, available at Mine.

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