First Look: An Instagram Tour Of Temescal Shop Mind’s Eye

We weren’t kidding when we told you Oakland’s hot Temescal ‘hood was brewing with new, must-peep additions. We've been particularly eager to sneak a peek inside vintage-slinging spot Mind’s Eye, so we recently wandered over and poked around. And let’s just say we were beyond impressed with the dreamy wares and so-cute space.
Owners Maya Messoriano and Sarah Rainey (who met working at Down at Lulu’s) pull pretty pieces ranging from cool Pendleton tops to dainty, lace cover-ups to form a lovely, put-together vintage assembly. And we’re feeling the theme of Americana throughout the quaint spot. Oh, and just wait until you peep the hand-beaded lighter covers — too much. Check out our Q&A with the owners, flip through our Instagram tour, and be sure to get over to see it for yourself, stat.
Photographed by Angela Tafoya