This Millennial Aperitif Brand Plans On Disrupting Your Last Drink Of The Summer

This summer saw the continued popularity of the Apérol Spritz, with negronis and other aperitif cocktails riding its coattails, including the soon-to-reign-supreme St. Germain (elderflower liquor) Spritz. Rosé remained a steady favorite, but smashable reds and sparkly whites have also become a staple. Basically, it's been the summer of glamorous leisurely drinking. So why not turn to a rosé aperitif, the ultimate alcohol mashup, for the season's nightcap?
Rose Rosé is the brainchild of Haus, a liquor brand that first came onto the scene just six weeks ago with its first bottle, Citrus Flower. (You probably recognize it from Instagram, or your hippest friends’ bar carts.) The brand's newest creation is made with chardonnay grapes, elderflower, and lemon and boasts notes of raspberry, rose, and watermelon.
“Millennials care about health and image — they don't drink to get wasted, and they don't want the artificial ingredients,” Helena Price Hambrecht, co-founder and co-CEO of Haus told Refinery29 via email. “We set out to make a line of aperitifs that met the needs of our generation — all natural, low-sugar, low-ABV spirits that you can feel good about drinking.”
She says less is more when it comes to cocktail ingredients. But if you’re talking quality, more is definitely more. “I think if you start with something – like an aperitif – then making a sophisticated cocktail is easy.” Add tonic or ginger beer and that’s about all you need. “If the base is sophisticated, the cocktail will taste sophisticated, no matter what you mix it with.”
Rose Rosé is available for pre-order starting today, and Haus bottles are priced at two for $70 and a case of six for $180. The clichés surrounding the creation of a rosé aperitif are not lost on us. But what do they say about clichés? That they’re only cliché because they’re true. Citrus Flower sold out in no time and if Rose Rosé is anything like its predecessor, you will probably see bottles popping up all over Instagram in no time.

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