This Is A Super Fancy Ice Cube. For Your Face.

mila-moursiPhoto: Courtesy of Mila Moursi.
I've seen some pretty crazy beauty treatments in my day, but this one's unlike any of them: Mila Moursi's Cryo Serum is a freezable, brightening product said to repair, regenerate, and hydrate the skin. Yes, it's a "serum-sicle" that rings in at $155 for a pack of eight cubes.
Billed as a "spa-worthy treatment designed for at-home use," the theory behind it is that the ice-cold application works as a form of cryotherapy, which provides anti-aging effects while stimulating the skin and boosting circulation.
The novelty of this treatment was not lost on me, which is how I found myself sitting in front of my TV one night, deep into a Sherlock marathon on Netflix, rubbing a really expensive, melting ice cube all over my face. You pop one of the single-use pods in the freezer, and when it's icy, you unwrap it and slide the serum-sicle (I'm making this a thing now) into one of the enclosed gauze sachets. You then proceed to rub it over your cleansed and toned face in circular motions, until the cube is completely melted.
My first takeaway from this experience was, "Damn, that's cold." Because it was a particularly muggy day in NYC, it felt pretty refreshing — although I had to keep massaging my hands because my fingers would start to tingle painfully from the chill. The second thing I noticed was how quickly the cube melted and how messy it got in the process. As it went from solid to liquid, my skin couldn't keep absorbing the serum as quickly as it was melting. Trickles of it started running down my neck and dripping onto my couch, so I quickly employed my other hand to start pressing the excess fluid into my skin.
Once I had pressed it in, it left behind no residue (except for a few fun stains on my couch — whoops). My skin, especially around my eyes, looked less puffy and had a rosy glow — but that faded once it began to return to room temperature. I did notice a slight enhancement to the clarity and evenness of my complexion the next morning, and it definitely felt perkier — similar to that "just had an epic snowball fight with the neighborhood kids, and now I'm looking forward to a cup of cocoa" afterglow.
So, was it worth it? Well, that depends — it was a pretty nifty treatment and definitely felt luxe. But, was it the most amazing thing ever, and do I think every single human must own it? It's a $155 ice cube — I think, especially if you're on a budget, you could manage to go about living your life without it. If, however, you've got some extra $ kicking around, and you're looking for a new way to pamper yourself in the comfort and privacy of your own home, then it might be worth a try. Like all beauty products, it's all about assessing your needs, wants, and means. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a serum-sicle (TM) to rub on my face.
Mila Moursi Cryo Serum Ice Cube Infusion, $155, available at Barneys New York .

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