Trailer Alert: This Sci-Fi Flick Stars A Bus Filled With Bronx Students

Michel Gondry's newest cinematic project sheds some light on the Bronx, but not necessarily "Jenny From The Block's" side of the story. This view is way less dance-y. Taking place on a public bus, the trailer for The We And The I might remind you of your commute home on the last day of school (or maybe anything you've witnessed while taking mass transit around 3 p.m.). But Gondry doesn't just go for the whole "fly on the wall" approach to looking at the lives of students in the outer boroughs — the indie-flick director's film actually falls within the science-fiction genre on IMDB.
While the preview only really hints at the things you may expect to see on a high schooler's bus ride — rambunctious kids, teenage PDA, and super cranky (and outright disrespectful) old ladies — what we don't see is anything that resembles extra terrestrials, evil talismans, or any sort of time travel, the last of which Gothamist suggests we might expect.
Okay, Gondry, you've got us. We're officially intrigued. The film will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival (which starts today), but feel free to peep the trailer below and try to spot when the UFO abducts the bus and all its adolescent passengers. (Kidding!) (Gothamist)
Photo: Via Gothamist

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