Miami Smells Like Sand And Coffee, Says Perfumer

Whether you’re walking down Ocean Drive with a café con leche on an early morning, laying on the sand down in Crandon Park in the steamy afternoon sun, or dining in Brickell on a cool winter evening, the Magic City certainly yields a number of unique scents. The challenge of all challenges? Capturing the essence of all these smells into one mesmerizing perfume.
Yes, it’s not often you hear of a perfume emulating a city’s scent, but that’s exactly what was asked of master perfumer Rene Morgenthaler by the Scent Marketing Institute when they went to him about making a sensuous creation dedicated to the smells of Miami. According to Ocean Drive, Morgenthaler took on the challenge and spent six months testing thirty different variations of the olfactory awesomness, triggering a number of radiant scents such as jasmine, sun-baked sand, coffee, salty air, Cuban cigars, and orange trees. Just thinking about the combination put us in a daze.
Apparently, fans of "Miami" (the scent, not the city) felt the same when testing the aroma, fully intended as just an air diffuser, and demanded to know where they can purchase their own bottle. We certainly can’t wait to get our noses near this fresh fragrance, not only to smell its irresistibility, but also for the mere fact that it will remind us of all the reasons we love this city. Available at Air Esscentials, 2801 Florida Avenue, 305-446-1670. (Ocean Drive)
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