Zut Alors! The Ultimate Guide To Macarons In Miami

We'd like to say macarons are the new cupcakes, but if you've been reading R29 for more than 15 minutes, you probably already know of our die-hard devotion to these crispy little desserts. Not to be confused with macaroons (which are coconut affairs), a macaron is a French confection with a crunchy, egg-white- and icing-sugar shell and a creamy, ganache-like center. The bite-sized desserts are straight out of Marie Antoinette, evoking a sort of glamour only the French can provide.
Fortunately, you don't have to fly into to Charles De Gaulle to try some real-deal macarons — we've got some stellar options right here in the 305. Check out our top three best bets for some seriously dainty (but still mouthwatering) desserts. For your next watermark event, screw the cupcakes. They're so 2011.

The French Classic: Le Boudoir

Here's how you know you're in for a real treat: The in-house Paris-trained pastry chef is also the owner. As such, Vincent Benoliel knows the exact way to make the perfect macaron, balancing the tricky almond-egg-sugar ratio. The standard-bearer for local French fare, this spot not only features the classics, but also a couple of experimental tastes, like rose petal, that vary from season to season.

Le Boudoir, 186 SE 12 Terrace; 305-372-2333.

Photo: Courtesy of Le Boudoir

AG macaron
The Easy Choice: Atelier Monnier

Not only can you find Atelier Monnier's macarons all around the city — from the location at Dadeland Plaza to hordes of farmers' markets (including one of our favorites on Lincoln Road) and pop-ups — but you can also order these sweet treats online, sans stress. The vibrant assortment, which includes flavors like fleur de sel caramel and cassis violet coffee, comes pre-packaged…or you can call in with special orders. ($19 for 12 macarons).

Atelier Monnier, 9563 South Dixie Highway; 305-666-8696.

Photo: Courtesy of Atelier Monnier


The SoBe Solution: PAUL

Everyone in Miami knows PAUL, the delectable chain that serves croissants en masse. But skip the lines and the sit-down service and order yourself a classic, crunchy-but-gooey macaron. Available only in classic flavors like pistachio, chocolate, and strawberry (we've heard tell of coffee, too), the price might set you back, but this is what the macaron craze is about, folks. ($4 per macaron).

PAUL, 450 Lincoln Road; 305-531-1200.

Photo: Courtesy of PAUL

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