5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 24 2012

Wow. It's everything we ever worried it would be. A Miami bouncer at an exclusive spot spills his secrets, and guess what? Hot girls are privileged over lonely dudes. (Reddit)
A Boynton Beach strip-club-turned-church has received heaps of donations. Wasn't this a storyline in Carnivale? (Huffington Post)
Sean Kingston had to evacuate Miami due to jet ski-related nightmares. Ruh roh. (TMZ)
Forgive the language, but "We So Horny" for this 2 Live Crew reunion with the original, booty-shaking lineup! (Miami New Times)
Break out the (fancy) popcorn: It's Chow vs. Chow as two restauranteurs take their Miami beach name-beef to court. (NBC Miami)
Photos: Via LIV Nightclub

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