These 5 Hair “Mistakes” Are Actually Trending — & We’re Thrilled

Aside from the obvious things — like caring for new piercings and taking preventive measures when changing your hair color — we don't subscribe to the idea of beauty "mistakes." Why? Because mistakes are really all about breaking some arbitrary rule.
We've been open about how we feel on this topic for years, so we were tickled when we noticed an uptick in hairstylists coming around to our way of thinking recently. This past season, Fashion Week stylists sent models down the runway breaking all the rules — and we were thrilled. Frizz? Check. Roots? Bring it on. Piece-y bangs? You bet.
If you're someone who feels more inclined to lean into your humidity-susceptible hair or obvious regrowth, then your time is now. Ahead, find a handful of former hair "mistakes" that are currently trending like crazy. After all, you know what they say about rules...

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