We Need To Change The Way We Talk About Frizz

Photographed by Amber Mahoney.
As a member of the beauty industry, I'd like to apologize to my fellow frizzy-haired girls. Between the months of May and August, so many brands and editors tell us that our gloriously fuzzy strands need taming. (August is even "Anti-Frizz month," if you can believe it.) The message is loud and clear: Frizz is a pesky problem and must be fought — fast.
But I'm here to offer an alternative narrative — one in which gals who have coarse, curly, fuzzy, wavy, natural textures get to rock the gorgeous hair they've got. Because our locks aren't a problem to be fixed. Oh, hell no. They're a gift to be embraced, dammit!
With all of this in mind, we tapped Jeanie Syfu, a hair extraordinaire and Tresemmé spokesperson who is a mainstay backstage at fashion shows. Syfu adores frizz — just take a peek at some of the incredible hairstyles she's created.
And since frizz isn't reserved for one hair type, we picked two gals with completely different textures; Djenice has a head of coarse, natural spirals, while Alexa has thick, looser waves. We asked Syfu to create three styles on each woman — and the results are nothing short of spectacular.
So if you're sick of people telling you to fix your frizz (or just want to figure out how to make some beautiful, volume-packed styles), click ahead.

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