Trailer: “Melancholia” Is A Stylish Apocalypse Starring Kristen Dunst and Alexander Skarsgård

End of the world movies tend be a little, y'know, meh when it comes to style. We mean, there was that lovely flower-print dress that Liv Tyler wore in Armageddon, but that's about it. So along comes the trailer for Melancholia, a new apocalyptic film by cinematic sicko Lars Von Trier starring Los Angeles style bonbon Kristen Dunst. Unlike your average end-of-days scenario, Melancholia features a lovely manorial setting, high-class looks that wouldn't appear out of place in a Louis Vuitton luggage add, and perennial fashion faves like Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling as well as undead "True Blood" hottie Alexander Skarsgård. With a mysterious planet on a collision course on earth, couture wedding gowns, a princely estate, and general luxury standards, if our world was going to end in sci-fi disaster, this is probably how we would choose to go.(/Film)

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