10 Couples Who Met At A Wedding (Really!)

Photo: Courtesy of Ange Edwards.
The singles table, again? We get it. Sometimes, it feels like your loved-up friends are on a mission to mortify you via bouquet tosses, intros to guests you'd rather not date, and invasive relatives who pointedly ask about your own lack of a plus-one.

But you know what? That might be a good thing. Somewhere between the vows and the release of the doves, these wedding guests managed to meet their perfect match. It turns out that the wedding meet cute doesn't just happen in rom-coms — and these lovebirds are the proof.

From bonding at a bachelorette party to actually walking down the aisle together as part of the wedding party, these couples managed to turn someone else's big day into their own little love story. Here, they share how it all went down and why flying solo is far from a nuisance. You don't have to ditch your platonic plus-one just yet, but keep an open mind. You really never know when your prince/princess — or, at least, an attractive single with great banter and a willingness to tear it up to Al Green at the reception — will turn up.
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Photo: Courtesy of Ange Edwards.
Ange & George

Her: Ange Edwards, 32, UX designer
Him: George Kyle, 32, web analyst
Met: April 21, 2013, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

What brought you to a wedding in the Cook Islands?
"As a friend of the bride, I traveled from London to Raro via L.A., a lengthy 20-something hours. I pretty much knew the guest list, bar a few people. George and I met properly on the second night, [which] was the hen and stag night. I had a few drinks and launched myself at him."

Since it was long-distance, how did it transition into an actual relationship?
"We are both from New Zealand, but I live in London and he was in Australia. We kept in touch after the wedding and I tossed the idea at George that he should come over for a music festival. I was kinda kidding, but then I got this random message one day asking me what I was doing on a certain date. He proposed to walk me home from work.

"Things escalated rather quickly from when he arrived and we soon found ourselves swirling the Chianti in Tuscany. After he left for Melbourne, we decided that we wanted to give it a go and he quickly applied for his visa; he had something like two weeks before his 31st birthday — and the official cut-off date. So another few months later we met again in Bali for a week, and then another month later, we met again at a mutual friend's wedding in New Zealand. Now he lives in London."

Do your friends take credit for playing matchmaker?
"Yes, they do. They sent us a bill."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"I think it made things easier and much more comfortable from the get-go. It helps when you meet through friends. It's like they have already done the hard work for you."

Before having a boyfriend, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?

"I generally have a few friends who are single at any one time and I tend to have just as good a time (if not better!) with a gaggle of my girlfriends, dancing the night away."
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Photo: Courtesy Vanessa Golembewski.
Vanessa & Pat

Her: Vanessa Golembewski, 28, writer for Refinery29
Him: Pat Schmidt, 26, account planner for Buzzfeed
Met: July 19, 2014, Poughkeepsie, NY

Why were you at the wedding and how were you introduced?
"My roommate from college, Christa, was marrying Pat's brother, Andrew. Even though I'd known Andrew and Christa for about nine years, I never met Pat until the wedding. I was there solo and he was the best man. We weren't formally introduced, but Christa sent me a few joking texts before the wedding, saying things like, 'Don't worry, I told Pat not to bother you.' He asked me to dance pretty much as soon as the reception started."

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?
"The night of the wedding was a lot of fun — and a bit blurry, to be honest. We danced. We drank a lot. We stayed up almost all night talking and hanging out. I single-girled all over that wedding. But, when it was time for me to go, we just said goodbye. The next day, when I was back in Brooklyn and hungover on the couch, I got a text from a number I didn't know. It said something like, 'Hey, this is Pat. I asked Christa for your number. Hope that's okay.' We talked for a bit and then he asked me on a date. We went for dinner and drinks, and we've been together ever since.

Have you been to weddings together since?
"No, but we are going to our first wedding together in September."

What do you like most about one another?
"Pat is a gentle soul. He's so good to me. One of the kindest people I know. He makes me laugh and makes me feel funny, smart, and beautiful every day. He's always supportive, never jealous, and patient with my hectic work schedule. I've never felt so close to someone. We just have a lot of fun together. I asked Pat to answer what he likes most about me and he said: 'Vanessa is the easiest person to talk to. She laughs at my jokes and calls me out on my bullshit. Also, her ass just will not quit.'"

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?
"Nope! But Pabst Blue Ribbon and Toto probably should."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"Meeting at a wedding was pretty perfect. As a writer, I guess I was always turned off by online dating because I wanted a story about how I met someone."

Before having a boyfriend, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"I was single for about three years before I met Pat. I would go to weddings alone, but usually one of my friend's boyfriends would take me on as an extra date, make sure I always had a drink, that I wasn't cold, etc. I always thought that was really sweet. But there was always a moment when you'd be the only person sitting at the table while all the couples were dancing, and that was pretty depressing. When I went to weddings alone I had fun, but there was always some kind of pressure to act a certain way. I don't like going up to try to catch bouquets. I don't like the expectation that because I'm there alone I have to be the drunk one shutting down the dance floor. I found it impossible to just be at a wedding alone, no questions asked. That being said, there was one time I went solo to a wedding of two college friends: I had to sit at a table with my ex and his wife. On that occasion, I absolutely played the part of intoxicated woman."
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Photo: Courtesy of of Sobia Siddiqui.
Sobia & Haris

Her: Sobia Siddiqui, 27, fashion and lifestyle blogger, PR and marketing maven
Him: Haris Khan, 31, digital integration at Taco Bell Corporate
Met: October 2009, Los Angeles, CA

How did you meet?
Sobia: "I was from the bride's side while he was from the groom's side. We met a few short hours before the wedding, through friends, and I was told that he was a great dancer. With Abba's 'Dancing Queen' in mind, I replied with a quick jab. 'So you're a dancing queen?'"

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?
Sobia: "Flirtation remained flirtation: flippant and fun, lighthearted and subtle. Being that he was from San Diego and I lived in the Bay (the wedding was in Los Angeles), he reached out via Facebook and told me he had to come into San Francisco for 'work.' One dinner date turned into another dinner date, and he soon mentioned he wanted to get to know me better with the right intentions in mind (marriage). Looking back at it now, I appreciate his upfront-ness and honest disclaimer of wanting to talk to me with a long-term goal in mind. That's one of the things that actually attracted me to him."

What do you like most about one another?
Sobia: "I am in love with his sense of humor. Not a day goes by where I don't fall to the floor laughing at his silly jokes."

: "I love Sobia's smile. Her laughter is truly contagious, as is her ability to help me focus on the importance of life and to appreciate the little things."

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?
Sobia: "We gladly give all the credit to the bride and groom. After all, if it wasn't for their union, we probably would have never crossed paths."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
Sobia: "Helped. It's a great setting to meet people."

Before having a husband, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
Sobia: "Weddings have always been about friends getting together and having a good time while celebrating the bride and groom's union! I just lucked out because I met my soulmate at a wedding!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Kathryn Adams.
Kathryn & Eddie

Her: Kathryn Adams, 28, third-grade teacher
Him: Eddie Adams, 27, sales
Met: January 19, 2013, Barnwell, SC

How did you meet?
"We were both in [a mutual friend's] wedding party, but had never met. We were paired to walk down the aisle and stand together. The bride, one of my best friends, told me she paired me with Eddie because he was the 'crazy one in the group' and I could 'handle it.'

"We met about six weeks before the wedding at a shower/cookout for the couple. I didn’t meet Eddie until the last 10 minutes of the party. I came up to him, introduced myself, and said, 'Hey, I’m Kathryn. We are walking down the aisle together' — then I was sassy and sarcastic for a little while before I left. That evening, Eddie told my friend, the bride, that he was interested in me. [When she called and told me the next day] I thought, that’s creepy, and dismissed it. She told me he might have gotten my number from the groom. For the entire month leading up to the wedding, I was on edge every time my phone rang with an unknown number.

"On the bachelorette weekend, the groom’s sister also mentioned that Eddie had been asking about me. She made it seem like he had been asking about me a lot, which made me feel like he was strange and weird. I was nervous [because] I knew we would be spending so much time together and that he was interested. The night before the wedding, I was out with my girlfriends and told them all about it. They still laugh at how I kept saying, 'This groomsman I’m paired with is interested in me. It’s so weird, I don’t even know him. I’m just ready for this weekend to be OVER!' When the wedding rehearsal came, I saw him and froze. He looked really handsome, but I got awkward. I avoided him until we had to practice walking to our spot on stage…I was so obviously awkward that the groom came over to me later, put his arm around me and said, 'Listen, Kat. All the guy’s asking for is a chance. He’s got a heart the size of Texas and he’s one of my most loyal friends. Just relax and give him a chance.'

"At the rehearsal dinner, I decided to open up and I sat beside him. He was actually the perfect gentleman (and he kept refreshing my drink and getting me glasses of wine — a keeper!). I was still awkward, but at least talked with him more. The following evening was the wedding day. I remember when I walked down the aisle and met him before walking up onto the stage, he whispered, 'You look beautiful.' Then, my dress caught on my heels and I tripped walking up on stage. Whoops. He is a strong guy, so as I was tripping he grabbed my arm and helped me not fall. Everyone laughed. Whoops again. He says that at the wedding he tried to dance with me several times and that his friends were coaching him up to try to come ask. But because I’m a classic avoider, I kept conveniently being lost in conversation or out on the dance floor with my girlfriends.

"He finally worked up the courage and I stopped avoiding him and he asked me to dance. The song was Marvin Gaye’s 'Let’s Get It On' — let’s just say dancing to that song broke the ice. We laughed a little, and then at the end we did one of those middle school things where you give a quick hug because you don’t know how to end it. We didn’t dance again the rest of the night. The couple made their exit and that was it. The night was over. He had walked out the door with all of his things and I breathed a sigh of relief. [Then] he ran back in and said, 'I had a great weekend with you. Can I call you this week?' and he got my number. The rest is history."

What happened next?
"He called on the Monday night after the wedding. No Facebook, no texting, no Twitter — he called. He lived an hour and a half away in Greenville, SC. He asked if we could go out the following weekend. We both graduated from rival colleges — and in South Carolina, the college football rivalry is deep. So it was no surprise that he had never spent time on my college’s campus. He came down that Saturday and took me on a date to the basketball game. After the game, we walked around campus and stopped in front of the library on a bench and talked.

"The night before our date, my friends decided they would host a cookout. They said that if our date went well, I should bring him so they could meet him and give their approval. If it went poorly, we could laugh about it over drinks and food. As we sat there on the bench, we got to know each other. It was very comfortable. So I went for it and asked him to come to the cookout. It turned into a 10-hour date. At the end of it, as he dropped me off at the apartment, I went in to hug him goodbye but accidentally got his cheek. It was like [something] out of an awkward movie. He thought I was going in for a kiss, so he came back in for it. He asked if we could have another date and set the date for Wednesday, and [for the next 11 months] we had weekly Wednesday night dates. The Wednesday before Valentine’s Day, [after five dates], we defined the relationship and made it official."

What do you like most about one another?
"I like his level head in stressful situations. I’m a freak. I get panicked and stressed out too easily, but he is calm and steady. He also is surprisingly handy. He can put things together and fix things way better than I ever could."

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?
"Oh yeah — and they should. But they were on their honeymoon on our first date, so that part we take credit for. The entire first month we dated went like this: We would leave a date with each other and immediately call the couple (separately). I would sometimes be debriefing her while I could hear the groom in the background talking to him."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"I think it gave us the chance to meet each other. Otherwise, I doubt we would have crossed paths."

Before having a partner, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"I didn’t mind flying solo to weddings. Most weddings I go to are for very good friends, so there are always lots of people I know around and most of my friends weren’t coupled up with anyone so we would all go together. I did put in my journal one time that my life from the age of 23 to 26 should have been called 'Kathryn and guest' because I got invited to probably 20 weddings and that would always be on the invitation. Now, I’m happy to have 'Eddie and Kathryn' on the invitation when it comes in the mail. He’s my lifelong wedding date."
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Photo: Courtesy of Mallory Sturgeon.
Mallory & JB

Her: Mallory Sturgeon, 25, PR account executive at Dittoe PR
Him: JB Smith, 33, sales account executive at Tinderbox
Met: September 13, 2013, Noblesville, Indiana

Why were you at the wedding?
"I started working at a PR firm in Indianapolis two years ago, and the partner of the firm who was getting married, Megan Custodio, invited all of her colleagues, including me, to the wedding. She had described one of the groomsmen, JB, as an amazing, single guy, and she had in the back of her mind that she was going to get us together. She showed me Facebook pictures and prepped me to meet him. I thought, On her own wedding day?!

"I knew there was no way she was going to concentrate any efforts on hooking other people up when it’s her special day, as she shouldn’t! I honestly didn’t think anything would come out of it. I simply went along with the fun. The wedding came and I had a great time with my colleagues. I even brought another date with me, who is one of my best guy friends. I noticed JB at the beginning of the wedding, since he was in the wedding party. He definitely caught my eye and was not hard to miss because he’s the life of the party!

"I was not willing to approach him because I had no idea if he knew Megan (the bride) was trying to get us together. After some cocktails and dancing, I went to the cupcake table to devour some treats — which is pretty typical of me, especially at weddings. As I turned around, literally SHOVING a cupcake in my mouth, JB was there, trying to introduce himself to me. I imagine it would have been such a turn-off to see a girl devouring a cupcake with icing all over her mouth. But he was very friendly and quite a smooth talker, just like he is now. Although he told me a little white lie about his age, we joke around about it all the time now. We exchanged numbers and went our separate ways after the wedding. I initiated a conversation with him the next day via text to be polite, and we kept in touch."

How did it progress to actual dating?
"JB and I didn’t hang out too much at the wedding after we met. He introduced himself to me near the end of the wedding and dropped a couple of flirtatious lines. He told me that Megan and a bridesmaid who happened to work at the same PR firm as us, Christy, gave him the scoop on me. So, I found out they were scheming to get us together after all!

"Now, he’s told me that he noticed me at the wedding before we met and was hoping that I would be the girl Megan and Christy were talking about. Ha! Exactly 15 days after the wedding, JB and I finally had our first date (after a couple of failed attempts). We went to dinner and drinks in downtown Indy. Even at this point, I was only attending for something fun to do. I didn’t think it would turn into a meaningful relationship at all. He’s told me the same. We both were not seeking out relationships. But look at us now, nearly two years later. I am not the cheesy type, but my stomach still does cartwheels when I’m around him...even if he’s driving me crazy and reading IU basketball when I’m trying to talk to him. It was all thanks to Megan’s wedding and the cupcake table!"

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?
"Megan, the bride, totally does! She was literally playing matchmaker the whole time without me really knowing it. I kind of doubt JB and I would have met or be together now if it weren’t for Megan and Christy’s plan. We weren’t looking to find a cute guy or girl at the wedding, we just wanted to have fun with our friends."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"If we hadn’t met at the wedding, we likely would never have met. JB has a complete different set of friends than I do who never cross paths. So, the wedding definitely helped us become a romantic relationship."

Before having a boyfriend, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"Although I technically brought a date along, I was still single. I’ve always brought a guy friend or girlfriend with me to weddings because I’ve always been fortunate enough to get a 'Plus One' invite. I do think it’s a coincidence and pretty funny that I met my current boyfriend when I clearly had a male date at the wedding...didn’t stop JB from hitting on me!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Sara Burcheri.
Sara & Aldo

Her: Sara Burcheri, 32, event planner
Him: Aldo Burcheri, 32, landscape architect
Met: December 7, 2008, Wicker Park, Chicago, IL

Why were you at the wedding and how were you introduced? "
Well...the wedding was for two of Aldo’s former coworkers. I was attending as the date of another coworker. The wedding was in a small art gallery in Wicker Park (in Chicago) and it was a pretty intimate setting, so Aldo and I were quickly introduced. After a bourbon or two, he just went in for the kill and tried to kiss me in front of everyone. The other friends and coworkers laughed and called him out — that was that for our first meeting. He doesn’t remember this as vividly as I do, so the story is pretty one-sided, but I like to think there was an instant attraction."

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?

"It actually took years for us to reconnect. After the initial wedding meeting, we saw each other a handful of times at other parties with his coworkers. (Yes, I was still dating the coworker — no judgment, we were young!) At some point, Aldo and I had become Facebook friends so we were able to keep track of each other at a distance. He left Chicago for a few years to go to Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and when he returned to Chicago he reached out to me via Facebook to wish me a happy 30th birthday. Two days after his birthday message, we had our first official date...and less than two years later, we were married."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?

"Since we didn’t immediately start dating after the wedding, it didn’t hinder our romantic options. We both needed some time to do our own thing, even though we were keeping the other in the back of our minds as we dated other people throughout the following years. Aldo now admits to regularly investigating my Facebook photos — and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t checking out his whereabouts, as well. Our first date felt very natural. We picked up where we left off after our original attraction/flirtation. It made it very easy and comfortable to start dating quickly and jump into our relationship."

Before having a partner, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"I’ve been a bridesmaid in a few weddings where I was single. It can definitely make you feel a little lonely, but when you are in the wedding, you can at least keep busy. I was the maid of honor in a wedding the week Aldo and I started dating. Even though it was a gorgeous wedding on a boat on Lake Michigan with some of my closest friends, I was so excited to see him that I went straight to his place afterwards, bridesmaid dress and all."
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Photo: Courtesy of Susanna Kalnes.
Susanna & Haden

Her: Susanna Kalnes, 31, PR executive/fitness trainer
Him: Haden Kirkpatrick, 36, marketing executive and consultant
Met: November 1, 2014, Chicago, IL

Why were you at the wedding and how were you introduced?
Susanna: "I was at the wedding because the bride (Amy) is a friend of mine. She is also the owner of a gym where I teach fitness classes in Chicago. Haden’s reason for being there is more interesting. He was actually good friends with the groom in high school, but they had not seen or talked to each other for a good 15 to 20 years. However, the groom (Barry) still invited Haden to attend, and Haden wound up being an usher at the wedding! I’m so glad he was invited after all of those years!"

Haden: "We were never 'formally' introduced. I spotted Susanna as soon as she walked in and shortly after the Hora, I reached out my hand and asked her to dance. We never stopped dancing after that."

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?
Susanna: "It was sort of like something you see in a movie. One song ended, we both looked up, saw each other, he asked me to dance, and we were inseparable for the rest of the night. In fact, we’ve been inseparable since!"

What do you like most about one another?
Susanna: "There are so many things I love about Haden. He is a wonderful communicator, he makes me feel 'at peace,' he’s trustworthy, he is motivated, he’s super smart, and he makes me want to be a better person and partner all around. He inspires me."

Haden: "There is literally nothing I don’t love about Susanna. She is entrepreneurial, caring, attentive, sensitive, active, and honest. She always makes me feel at peace and is always focused on the most positive aspects of life. She has changed my world completely since meeting her and I look forward to many more years together."

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing

Susanna: "Definitely the groom! Haha! I remember the night of the wedding, Barry (the groom) kept telling us that he reserves the right to officiate OUR wedding. I think the couple could tell immediately the spark that Haden and I had. They were (and are) both really excited and happy to see what happens next!"

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic

Susanna: "I think meeting at a wedding was wonderful, but I think that Haden and I would have hit it off no matter where we would have met. I actually attended the wedding that day right after another breakup, so I was in no mood to meet anyone romantically. But I guess you never know when you are going to meet the right person...and Haden is the right person! In short, I’d say it helped!"

Before having a boyfriend, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
Susanna: "I guess I always preferred to have a date to a wedding. I know some people like going stag, but not me! Generally, if I didn’t have a romantic date for a wedding, I always invited a friend."
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Photo: Courtesy of Corinna Pieloch.
Corinna & Martin

Her: Corinna Pieloch, 28, executive vice president of Moxie Communication Group
Him: Martín Purtill, 30, job developer at On My Own Community Services
Met: August 30, 2014, Solvang, CA

Tell us about the wedding.
"The bride, Rachele, was my first friend I made after moving from New York to Los Angeles in 2008. After years of us being ridiculous single women in Los Angeles, I was thrilled to see her marrying an amazing guy.

"I had booked my hotel room nearly a year in advance for the wedding, and as the date approached, I was having second thoughts on spending Labor Day weekend in a hotel by myself. I decided to invite Stacey, a friend of mine from college, to take the road trip with me [even though she wasn't invited to the main event].

"Rachele and Jordan’s wedding [at the incredibly breathtaking Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez] was a first-class experience all the way, beginning with a wine and dessert reception, which Rachele was kind enough to let me bring Stacey to. I figured us single ladies would have some wine, say hi to the bride, and be on our way, but shortly after we arrived a friend of the groom's introduced us to his other friends, one of whom was Martín. Though he and I chatted that first night, we didn’t hit it off.

"The next day, I went to the church solo for the ceremony. I was starting to feel a slight panic as it sunk in that Stacey wasn’t there to keep me company. Walking into the cocktail hour, one of the first people I saw was Martín. He had an incredibly welcoming face as I was confronting the reality of being alone at a wedding, which truly is terrifying. Both Martín and his group of friends from high school couldn’t have been more welcoming to my party-crashing of their mini high school reunion.

"My New Yorker self was in full force, being loud and trying to be funny. I remember Martín cracking up hysterically at something I said. In that moment of knowing I could make him laugh I thought, 'I think there’s something here.'

"We spent the rest of the night dancing, and eventually had our first kiss while dancing to a song he remembers but I cannot, for the life of me (a fact he loves to hang over my head). Later, he slid his phone over to me and I gave him my number."

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?

"We went our respective ways when the wedding ended, but we ended up texting each other for practically the entire night. The next morning when I woke up with quite possibly one of the worst hangovers of all time, I was surprised to see a text from him with a photo he had taken of us together the night before. Though we had just met, the photo looked as if we had been together for years by how happy and comfortable we were together.

"Before I checked out of the hotel, I [stopped by] the wedding brunch and was able to see him for a few minutes before driving back to L.A. It was clear that what was between us was going to go beyond the weekend. We continued to text, and just a few days later, I booked a trip to visit him in Sacramento. After [that visit[, we became 'official' — though he thought it was a silly formality given it was clear to us both that we fell in love at the wedding."

What do you like most about one another?
"We can make each other laugh above everything else, and that’s really important. We also try really hard to be effective in communication. Being long-distance adds a complicated layer, but it’s forced us to get to know each other really well. We’ve both been in crappy relationships, so we know what we want. It's always been easy to be with him. I love that he is supportive and thoughtful and that he takes care of me, while still understanding and embracing my desire to have independence."

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?

"It’s by far one of their favorite stories to tell when talking about the day they got married. They happily take credit! When Martín and I spend time with them, it still amazes me that we met because they got married. Definitely a best-case scenario!"

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"It absolutely helped. There was just something in the air. Again, I know this is cheesy and when I tell people we met at a wedding their reply is almost always something like 'Duh, that’s the best place to meet single guys.' But I’ve been to weddings where I had more of an eye out to meet someone and came up empty-handed. The silver lining is that even if you don’t meet someone, there’s always an open bar (or at least there should be)!"

Before having a boyfriend, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"I think in general as you get older and are going to a wedding solo, people tend to feel bad for you. I’ve definitely gotten the sympathy look from couples at weddings. It’s the most bizarre thing. I tend to just want to have a good time at weddings, so this whole relationship has been a very pleasant surprise!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Sara Sefcovic.
Sara & Harry

Her: Sara, 29, publicist
Him: Harry, 29, commercial real estate agent
Met: June 28, 2014, Detroit, MI

How did you meet?
"The couple getting married were mutual friends of ours before we met, so we both attended their wedding, fortuitously without dates. I sat behind him at the ceremony and he asked a friend to introduce us at the cocktail hour. Truthfully, it was a hot evening and in the moment I was more interested in getting a glass of wine, but after sitting at the same table at dinner (and his friends playing musical chairs to ensure we were seated beside one another) and a few hours of refreshingly interesting conversation, I knew I needed to see him again when we were back in New York."

How did it go from wedding flirtation to actual dating?
"He finally reached out to me about a week after the wedding (he’ll tell you he had a busy week at work) to wish me a happy birthday and invite me to get drinks at Weather Up in Tribeca. About a month later, during another wedding weekend in Mackinac Island, MI, we made it official. We moved into our apartment in May and just adopted a sweet rescue puppy."

Have you been to weddings together since?
"Yes, we’ve been to three. We always joke that we can’t ever go to weddings alone, since we’re known to pick up dates."

What do you like most about one another?
"I love that he is a calming force to my often frenetic energy and is always encouraging me to pursue opportunities to be the best version of myself. He loves my equally dedicated commitment to my personal, romantic, and work lives. He looks at me as a role model for all these parts of his own life. Rather than competing on who got that promotion faster or who gave the best birthday present, we strive to make each other be the best person we can be both together and individually."

Do you think meeting at a wedding helped or hindered your romantic options?
"Definitely helped. Everyone is surrounded by love at weddings, so anyone you meet there will be associated with a happy time. There’s also something to be said for meeting someone you know nothing about, versus online dating, where it’s easy to construct a version of someone in your head before you’ve ever met. Meeting in person can help people engage in conversation in a way that doesn’t involve asking questions to validate what they’ve read online."

Before having a partner, how did you feel about flying solo to a wedding?
"We’ve both been to weddings solo and enjoyed it. For me, these experiences were mostly because I was in the wedding party, and it’s nice when you’re in that role not to have to entertain someone who may not know other people there. He’s been solo to a number of friends' weddings recently and has always had fun being with his family and best friends during their special day."
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Photo: Courtesy of Laura McDonagh.
Laura & Sean

Her: Laura McDonagh, 32, elementary school teacher
Him: Sean McDonagh 33, urban project manager at Wegmans Food Markets
Met: July 2010, New York, NY

You actually met at a bachelorette party. How did that happen?
"I was at the bachelorette party of my best friend, Nicki. We all lived in New York City and had planned an amazing day and night of events to celebrate. The last stop of the night was a basement club in the East Village, near where we had all attended college at N.Y.U. We were a group of about 10 girls, and were dancing, laughing, and having an overall great time.

"Towards the end of the evening I was approached by a guy who very bluntly asked me, 'How tall are you?' I'm almost six feet in heels, but was a little taken aback by the question. When I responded with a very proud 5-foot-10, he said, 'You should meet my tall friend, Sean.' Sean, is 6-foot-6, and when we started talking, I was immediately smitten. We exchanged numbers and agreed to get in touch later that week. The story goes that later that evening, Sean told the group of friends he was with, 'I'm going to marry that girl.'"

How did it go from flirtation to actual dating?
"I knew Sean was a keeper because after our initial meeting he did something astounding: He called me! This was rare for dating in New York, because by that time, most communication was by text. On our first date, which was just a few days after we met, we found we had so much in common and laughed so much that we both knew we wanted to continue seeing each other."

What do you like most about one another?
"We both have an obsession with the other's sense of humor. From the time of our very first date, we have been laughing and finding the humor in life. Sean has incredible drive and ambition; that mixed with the love he has for his friends and family really makes him the perfect man. Sean reports that he loves my kind heart, and, of course, my height."

Do the bride and groom from the wedding take credit for playing matchmaker?
"Whenever we're with Nicki and her husband Sandro, she does like to remind me of how we met!"

What were your expectations for the bachelorette party? Any tips for connecting with someone on a serious level, as opposed to the standard debauchery?
"We were in our late 20s at the time of the bachelorette, so we were a little over your typical bachelorette destinations. All those involved in the planning agreed on restaurants and bars that were a little more mature and on par with where we all were in our lives at that point in time. We weren't covered in the standard bachelorette flair and opted to skip any games or contests. That being said, I think planning to hit places where you know you'll find a good crowd of people who are your age always helps."

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