Meet Our City's Newest It-Girl, Teresa Palmer

Teresa Palmer is an up-and-coming It-Girl with an enviable closet to boot—You’ll want to make sure you memorize her name. You may recognize Teresa from the trailers and commercials of Topher Grace’s latest rom-com, the ‘80s-themed Take Me Home Tonight (he also happens to be her on-and-off again real life love interest). Though Ms. Palmer may bear a striking resemblance to Kristen Stewart, this future A-list Aussie has a style all her own. With her love of relaxed off-duty outfits, and her ability to glam it up on the red carpet with the best of ‘em (she gave former Jumper co-star Rachel Bilson a run for her money with some of her awesome premiere get-ups), we can’t wait to see Teresa Palmer ascend into the ranks of Hollywood’s most fashionable stars.

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