Is Don Draper The Newest McDonald’s Employee?

We highly doubt the dashing cad of Mad Men would pop out of his corner office to head for the golden arches. But it appears that Don Draper has made his mark on the fast-food chain, nonetheless.
In collaboration with Red or Dead designer, Wayne Hemingway, McDonald's has created new uniforms for its UK employees, all inspired by the AMC drama (non-sequitur, much?). The ensembles will consist of a "McCheck" pattern of gherkin green and mustard yellow - influenced by the burgers themselves, according to The Telegraph.
The fast-food chain will further channel the '60s through ladies' classic pencil skirts and skinny ties for men. But this all begs the question: Would Joan, Betty, or any other MM character slip into one of these designs? Not likely. However, Mickey D's might get our seal of approval if Jon Hamm were the one behind the counter, asking, "Do you want fries with that?"

Photo: Via The Telegraph

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